Thursday, May 6, 2010

Windows Home Server

In early April 2010, Microsoft release a public beta for it's Windows Home Server that has Vail codename. All can download it from Microsoft Connect. “Since it is still in ‘beta,’ please install the Vail code on a secondary computer as opposed to existing Windows Home Server v1 OEM systems (not even 64-bit systems) If you do install the beta on an existing system, you may experience a number of problems, including the inability to run WHS v1 add-in applications (even those provided by OEMs). Installing on a secondary machine will help ensure the best possible user experience, and we would like your feedback on what this scenario is like. Installation of the Vail OS on a PC will also require users to wipe all data from that PC or device,” Berkowitz - senior communication manager- said as I copy from
As Microsoft official says that the next new version will give new exciting features in four areas:
  1. Extendeing media streaming outside home and office.
  2. Multi-PC backup and restore.
  3. Simplified setup and user experience.
  4. Expanded development and customization tools for partners.


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