Friday, May 7, 2010

Building Personal CMS

I am just aware that it needs to build my own CMS in building every my web  site. I mean that every web site is need backed by it's own unique CMS. Alhamdulillah today I am aware of this one. I feel it's too  hard to update static web, especially on keeping link work as they should. So why not make my own CMS.
And know the question is how to build effective personal CMS that suited for my personal web? It's a big question. But we can should answer the question. The tool number one is SCRIP ENGINE. Yeas, script engine is automatic machine that will help we build our web automatically building itself.
I feel it's much powerful and better a blog than a myown created static web. The problem in static web is two: hard to build and hard to maintain. in static web, we must pay attention  to how well our link to link each others. CMS is the answer for that. Mastering programming script is the next step to make a powerful CMS.
If you would like how to build a CMS, please visit this tutorial from Internet Journal and Scriptol
The link will teach you how to build your own cms that suited for your special need.

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