Monday, May 10, 2010

Okey, It's Time For Web App

Web app is so tremendous. It makes great opportunity for all of us to feed our life. A decade ago, desktop app is king. Now it's also keeps a king, but it has a new counterpart: web app. Desktop application has role so important and great in it industry, such as client desktop and enterpirse application.
Complexity in web application  also makes brains be a 'pucing'. Web application is supported by more and more open source than in the desktop application part. If we keep being patient, it's a vitamin. Yeah, Web app is a new jargon and new categori you can make to happen in this journey.
Now web app is booming, but in hoping that 5 till 11 years ahead, it will be a mature. Now, it's many body that hav supported the web platform, but in the years ahead, it will be shrink. The bigger will acquire the smaller, so small player that will be there.Just wait for the time.

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