Monday, May 31, 2010

SAP In Malang

Alhamdulillah I got the news that in this town available of a SAP certification. It based on UMM. And I have plan to take it - at least one modul. SAP is big enterprise and its product is widespread over the world. Based on this, it's always nice to has one of its certification. The certification is based on SAP ERP - that is a core modul of SAP Business Sute. And the ERP is divide to be four moduls: Human Resource, Financial Accounting, Procurement, and ABAP Workbench.
The Cost per modul is Rp. 450.000 for outside of UMM. And good luck for you if you are one of UMM student because you can got it in just Rp. 350.000. It's too discreminate.
And if you are intersted in more, please visit this web:

Jobs In IT

Now it's a hype in IT industry. Oil and Agriculture business is for our grantparent era. And our time is for IT advance in industry. And when you are as an Administrator, the task is divided be a three categories:
  1. Database Administrator
  2. System Administrator
  3. Network Administrator
When you want be one of the database administrator, it is a good idea to take an Oracle certification, for example OCA or OCP. Although it is also nice to take MCDBA. If you want to be a good system administrator, you are courage to take Microsoft MCSE. And the last if you are intersted to be a network admiistrator, you are courage to take CCNA from Cisco.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Icons For developer

These the side that directory many of the icon you need to develop your icon. You can download and then use them freely. Please visit The icons available in 4 different format: 80x80, 48x48, 32x32, and 24x24.
The icons of course will help you to develop your great app. By using this one, it means that you are applying reusable code. And that finally means that you do your work efficiently and effectively.

Google Wave Is Hype

Google Wave is an tremendous hype for this weeks. Google anounce at Google I/O 2010 that Wave will open for everyone. Just try it first. This is a nice tool for collaborating and has a great chance to get big success. Wave is a new tool for collaborating, and realy-relay tool that the best available in the world. I think like that.
Wave feature is rich, and this always inspired by Goolge that the future application will more and more rich. The feature available are:
  1. Discussion
  2. Task Tracking
  3. Meeting
  4. Document
  5. Brainstorming
And this is a power of networked environment and technology. Routers get money from its networking devices and goolge from its networking application.
Great hype for today! And remember to get trying Wave!


This is an multiple search engine, not a new one. And of course, it's an inovative one. Even it would like to be called by portal of search engine because it collectes some popular search engine in a domain. You can use Yahoo or Bing other than Google. When you like to test may be result will be a Goolge be a number one in searc speed and quality. Google is always king in search engine.
If you are interested, please try this

Google For Display Advertising

Google predict that display advertising will be one that will drive its revenue. This said by Google CEO, that this display probably will give Google big revenues. Now the source of revenue for Google is through its search revenue. This is a big one. But for the future Google will make other big revenue. There much of the source of revenue for Google, they are from hardware side like Nexus One even from gPad that would like be soon introduced. As some issued.
Display advertising will need other web network that has wide space for the banner. And of course Google has this advantage through Adsense. This is a nice one bacause some of other Google network that has good interface may be more suitable if it uses display advertising than the search advertising as what availble today.
This is a big chance that Google pursues.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


JSON  is a new method for treating an object in Javascript that more powerful and flexible than the native one. It's likely that we are common to do make an object in Javascript with new operator. But with JSON, you can make the same with a little and compact code. JSON means that you are encapsulating data in one tidy package, or in the object literal sense it would like to say: "Object literal is a computer programming buzz where an object will contain a lot of data in one tidy package."
This is a nicer way for make javascript better work for you. JSON and Object literal are the both with functionality that will help  you handle large data. Many Javascript framework that based on this JSON architecture.
If you would like to fell the taste of the JSON, please visit this tutorial.

MVC For Web Development

Now it's like like a buzz word for MVC. It's heard every day for web developer. And of course it's a nice one be a web development tool.
The image in the left side show how the MVC works in a web application. This is a simple concept and nice one for starting learning. And it makes administering web application be easier. Easierness means that you must master the manual or script that runs for conventional firstly.
Try this tutorial:
  1. phppro
  2. tutsplus
Okey, Good day for mastering MVC!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Way For Nexus One

Eventually, Google decides a new way for selling its handset, Nexus One. This is becuse it's in below expectation in selling through web. This is a fail but this is a good lesson for Google and Google want to learn.
Based on Europe as first, Goolge will bundle its handset with operator so the operator will work for Google. This of course will give more availability to more user while Goolge keeps its web site for the short time ahead till Nexus One reach stable user manually.
One lesson from Google: Google would like to learn from failure. This will drive Google to be bigger.

Choice In IT Career

In IT, there are just two position that available for professional who interested in this field. The both is based on the broad range of field, that is:
  1. as a Developer
  2. as an Administrator
Everyone can be anything as what they love to be. But it's a good chance to master the both in an average standard. This is because no one can be a confidence without mastering the other in the enough level. And of course what I mean is that You should make one as a priority.

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Wikipedia Interface

Some weeks ago, Google changes it's front end to new one that's brighter and fresh. And today, it's time for wikipedia. This is a great one because we see freshrer interface and simpler than the previous one. This change is at 01.30 pm, that's when I browse "Maven" and I meet a different context than I mean. while Google in the past change also in 01.30 am.
It's always good if a web sites that has surge traffic like Google and wikipedia always refresh its web routinely, say every year. So the user will get a new experience in surfing their web.
This is a great change. Hope for Wikipedia.

Java Framework

There are many java framework that available in this world. Java, as a  popular language in the world, it provides a framework that wide range that is free for use. It's a nice side for developer to get involved in Java framework. The framework that availble for web developments are: Hibernate, Spring, Strust, JSF and others development environment.
Java is wide use and wide of API and this is the advantage of use it. So when you master Java, you could write code that more advanced in the wide areas of development. When you master Java, you don't need  to learn others language to code in advanced. It's the advantage. Also Java is a prospected language for future.
If we see right now, we see that many opportunity in financial and business entities that use java as their tools in application. Java may be not low level llike C, but it's a nice  one for make an application that can run and used by application client that connected to server.
Some days ago, when I look for a job in Singapore, I see that there are many jobs available there for Java and .NET. The company that offer this is a financial institution.
Okey, enough for now. And enjoy your Java journey.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


What's that? Just answer. Yeah, now we enter a new topic. This topic is a bit fun and light. And you can follow it by sleeping.Just try this one. You can copy and then paste it in your web.We will create a favicon, namely an icon that lies on the title. It will make identity for our web site. The code is:
tag_link href="image.ico" rel="shortcut icon"_tag
You can make the icon not only just ico extension. Just try for another and Enjoy!

A Lite Diary

Alhamdulillah I found a my desired app: a diary app. I't's a nice one. And of course this is just one categories of web app. This diary app lies on personal web app because the usefullness of this app lies on personal interest.
In this booming of web app, Here's much of web app interest and we can make a new our own app by applying the power of PHP and other framework that just work for it. And if you are interested in this diary, just try it on
Hope usefullness for you.

Coding With New Language

Now, It's time for web scripting language that get popularity. Not again C, C++, Delphi, Pascal and much more. But it's time for PhP, Java, ASP, Javascript and other web language. Popu;arity of web site is supported by how much developer use it. And of course mastering the language.
Professional developer will master the base firstly, then he moves to others library that can get from the outside. It's a nice one to do that.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Wake Up Coder

Wake Up! Every developer needs to open their eyes to the outer world, because there happens something big. Just already I found much of Web Framework. There much library that can make your work easier. There's much of library free distributed outer. So, wake up and just look for the code.
With this it's need that a developer have to a wide insight and knowlegde, so its career will advanced more and more. The tools available outside often make your work easier. You just learn it a moment, or sometime you copy and paste it to your work. There are many CSS framework: YAML, YUI Grids for CSS of Yahoo, BluePrint, GridEasy, Malo and Emastic of Google, 960 Grid System and more. Look at more at: this one.
So, open your eyes and make your work more valueable by open your minds.

Web Framework

Web Framework is a IDE for RAD in web building. It's like IDE in desktop application. There's many web framework based on language. There are: PHP, Ruby, Phyton, Perl, Java, CSS, Javascript, ColdFusion, ASP.NET.
With that tool, you can build your application like you build application by these tools. You can see more at: The best web frameworks. That's is nice to see. There are two side: server side and client side. Client side  is of course depends on the browser, but for now, most popular browser have supported it. So, just try for a new client API for enriches your web sites.

Okey, It's Time For Web App

Web app is so tremendous. It makes great opportunity for all of us to feed our life. A decade ago, desktop app is king. Now it's also keeps a king, but it has a new counterpart: web app. Desktop application has role so important and great in it industry, such as client desktop and enterpirse application.
Complexity in web application  also makes brains be a 'pucing'. Web application is supported by more and more open source than in the desktop application part. If we keep being patient, it's a vitamin. Yeah, Web app is a new jargon and new categori you can make to happen in this journey.
Now web app is booming, but in hoping that 5 till 11 years ahead, it will be a mature. Now, it's many body that hav supported the web platform, but in the years ahead, it will be shrink. The bigger will acquire the smaller, so small player that will be there.Just wait for the time.

Friday, May 7, 2010

It's Time For Web App

In the past eralier, it's may be enough to get web page, but for now, it's doesn't enough again when we see how should web be an interactive one. Now web application is more and more complex. And just a web editor, it doesn't enough to apply what we do. We need tool that's more advance than just a web editor, and that is a CMS.
Now when we say building web, it means that we build a CMS. The CMS is personal suited tool that be suited tool for our work and need. For building web, it need comprehensive understanding and skill that coverage mush of web sides.

Google New Interface

Alhamdulillah. Today is a big news because this - it's not more than one hour - Google has update its search engine. This is a nice one for we all because this new interface will make it a more user friendly, and make it a better one. The left side bar is like Bing. But i think this change is not final yet since i don't see similar page suggestion - like in image search. Yes, we all will make it a mabagable so we can do this one is so beautiful.

Building Personal CMS

I am just aware that it needs to build my own CMS in building every my web  site. I mean that every web site is need backed by it's own unique CMS. Alhamdulillah today I am aware of this one. I feel it's too  hard to update static web, especially on keeping link work as they should. So why not make my own CMS.
And know the question is how to build effective personal CMS that suited for my personal web? It's a big question. But we can should answer the question. The tool number one is SCRIP ENGINE. Yeas, script engine is automatic machine that will help we build our web automatically building itself.
I feel it's much powerful and better a blog than a myown created static web. The problem in static web is two: hard to build and hard to maintain. in static web, we must pay attention  to how well our link to link each others. CMS is the answer for that. Mastering programming script is the next step to make a powerful CMS.
If you would like how to build a CMS, please visit this tutorial from Internet Journal and Scriptol
The link will teach you how to build your own cms that suited for your special need.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Windows Home Server

In early April 2010, Microsoft release a public beta for it's Windows Home Server that has Vail codename. All can download it from Microsoft Connect. “Since it is still in ‘beta,’ please install the Vail code on a secondary computer as opposed to existing Windows Home Server v1 OEM systems (not even 64-bit systems) If you do install the beta on an existing system, you may experience a number of problems, including the inability to run WHS v1 add-in applications (even those provided by OEMs). Installing on a secondary machine will help ensure the best possible user experience, and we would like your feedback on what this scenario is like. Installation of the Vail OS on a PC will also require users to wipe all data from that PC or device,” Berkowitz - senior communication manager- said as I copy from
As Microsoft official says that the next new version will give new exciting features in four areas:
  1. Extendeing media streaming outside home and office.
  2. Multi-PC backup and restore.
  3. Simplified setup and user experience.
  4. Expanded development and customization tools for partners.


New Release Adobe CS5

This time is of course happy moment for fanatic designer because adobe relesed Adobe CS5 in earlier this month. This CS5 release after 18 month of the CS4 release, and this new release brings 250 new features. This product available in several flavor, depending on their bundle. For Master Collection, the retail price is $2,599. This inlcudes 15 point products.
This new release will feed designer hungry for creative tools for designer. All media needs good designed for getting impression for user. So, it's nice time to get better performance in the growth of media industry. Media industry  that needs creative tools range from primitive magazine to web design.
The growth side for web that is need for creative design is adds. New adds is hope for getting user impression. And in hope, Adobe can fill this.Okey, enjoy new tool for your new ideas.

Better Stories For Today

Today, it's two hot news. The First is huge of IE9 download. and the second is new Blogger interface. It's nice to see this change directly.
It's nice for Microsoft that IE9 had successfull by getting downloading more than 1 million of preview two since mid of March 2010. Of course this browser doesn't complete as full browser because it's just a preview. This browser supported standard technology HTML 5, CSS3, DOM, and SVG as well as better Javascript performance.
This blogger interface is new. I feel so amazing because my awareness flow slowly. I am not quickly aware of this change. I am aware that this blog is change when I want to insert a picture today. The interface of new image search is new and reflected Google philosophy of interface-Simple and blue layout. Oh yeah, yesterdat I registered to Blogger in draft.Yes this is till a draft. Okey, now it's my time for exploring this new draft.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Great Opportunity in Web App

Dimasa depan, Web applikasi akan semakin semarak. Google yang memiliki ambisi besar akan memimpin kesemarakan tersebut. Dan tentu juga akan semakin banyak pula yang akan ikut bermain di dalamnya. Amerika sebagai sebuah negeri inovasi akan mengambil kendali dalam arena ini.
Banyak sekali kesempatan bisnis dalam bidang internet tersebut. Semua yang berbau premium tentu merupakan bisnis. Tidak semua gratisan dan popularitas itu menghasilkan uang. Bisnis yang tidak mengedepankan kepentingan akan uang tentunya tidak akan mengalami pertumbuhan yang signifikan dan itulah mengapa ambisi untuk bisnis akan selalu dibutuhkan.
Banyak kategori bisnis dalam dunia web. Web based application, Subcription Service, dan tentunya juga bisnis konventional yang dilakukan diinternet. Web based application adalah sangat banyak macamnya, dan yang begitu popular adalah Google App dan SalesForce CRM.

Karier di IT

Saat ini sedang musim dari internet. Revolusi internet, tepatnya. Kalau pada abad ke 18 dan 19 merupakan revolusi industri. Dan sekarang teknologi industri sudah menjadi komoditas layaknya produk-produk pertanian. Dan di abad 21 inilah zaman baru berlangsungnya revolusi teknologi informasi. Revolusi teknologi ini sudah dimulai pada penghujung abad ke-20. Jadi pada abad ini, akan banyak kesempatan baru dibidang teknologi informasi. Namun kesempatan ini juga ditantang oleh kompetisi.
Slogan tentang kompetisi, ilmiah, pertumbuhan ekonomi, inovasi merupakan slogan pada abad ini. Kompetisi dalam wacana ini tidaklah mengarah pada kalah menang, melainkan mengarag pada peningkatan kesejagteraan total Itulah mengapa paradigma kompetisi klasik tidak lagi tepat untuk digunakan pada abad ini.
Untuk menunjang keberlangsungan dan pertumbuhan industri IT, maka dibutuhkanlah banyak sumber daya yang bisa diandalkan. Secara garis besar, karier di IT bisa dikategorikan menjadi dua:
  1. Developer
  2. System Administrator
Tanggung jawab seorang developer ada 3: designing, coding, dan maintaining. Dan kategori atau bidang yang ditangani oleh Developer juga dibagi menjadi 3: Web, Applicatiion, dan Database.
Sedangkan tanggung jawab seorang System administrator juga ada 3, yakni Installing, Configuring, dan Maintaining. Networking dan Server-Client adalah kategorinya.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Toward Java Technologies

Java is one the most popular programming language. It's caused by effort of Sun Microsystem that so active promote the language to the word community. Besides that it's caused by so widespread application that can be supported by java. Java provides many API, and the language it self is also easy to use.
The java community also big that consist just not only on personal individual but also big commpanies like IBM, Oracle, Red Hat, Google and many more. The application that use Java range from desktop till web application. If we compare it by other such as c/c++ or perl, Java felt so eay. We just need to make it a habit with classes and object concept.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Google in Q1

Fantastis! Pada kuartal pertama 2010, Google meraih pendapatan sebesar 6,77 milyard dollar per 31 Maret 2010 atau meningkat 23% dibanding kuartal pertama 2009. Pendapatan bersihnya sebesar 1,96 milliar dollar atau 6,06 dollar per lembar saham.
Jumlah pekerjanya meningkat dari 19.835 orang menjadi 20.621 karyawan. Ini merupakan momentum bagi Google setelah dunia melwati masa resesi. Banyak hal yang bisa dibanggakan dari Google, terutama yang jelas adalah pendapatannya yang begitu menakjubkan serta pertumbuhan pendapatannya yang tinggi.
Dari seluruh pendapatan tersebut, 66% berasal dari situs milik Google sendiri, sedang 30% berasal dari jaringan. Kemudian 53% dari total pendapatan berasal dari luar Amerika. Dengan kondisi financial yang solid seperti itu, tentu Google memiliki banyak ruang gerak yang lebih bila dibandingkan dengan para kompetitornya. Lihat saja bagaimana Yahoo pada waktu-waktu yang lalu. Namun kini syukurlah, karena Yahoo juga mengalami peningkatan pendapatan.

Google Trends

Pada 30 April lalu, Google baru saja mengakuisisi perusahaan baru-BumpTop senilai 35 hingga 40 juta dollar. Perusahaan ini menyediakan software untuk Windows dan Mac. Dan Mulai sekarang, Ia akan menutup semua pelayanan tersebut. Namun masih ada kesempatan terakhir, yakni BumpTop masih memberi kesempatan terakhir bagi fans nya untuk mendonlowd kali terkahir.
Tahun ini sudah banyak yang diakuisisi oleh Google. Targetnya adalah satu perusahaan dalam satu bulan. Mengakuisisi perusahaan layaknya seperti sedang berbenlanja saja. Google akan menjadi besar sebesar Microsoft dan IBM.
Diantara yang di akuisisi oleh Google adalah:
  1. Aardvark. Perusahaan yang fokus pada sosial search technology.
  2. reMail. Perusahaan pembuah iPhone app untuk searching Gmail dan IMAP email accoounts.
  3. Picnik. Perusahaan teknologi web based photo editing.
  4. DocVerse. Perusahaan yang punya kompensi dalam office tools.
  5. Episodic. Perusahaan yang fokus pada video streaming.
  6. Plink. Perusahaan dalam bidang mobile app. Mesin pencari visual.
  7. Agnilux.
Itulah diantara beberapa perusahaan yang sudah diakuisisi oleh Google pada tahun 2010 ini.

Desktop Vs Web Application

Desktop App mengalami masa puncak kejayaannya pada era tahun 1990-an. Dan kini pun masih tetap berjaya. Penggerak utama adalah Windows yang begitu popular. Kita juga melihat bahwa pada pertengahan dekade 1990-an, mulai lahir internet sehingga era kelahiran Web applikasi mulai mendapatkan tempat. Kini, Google merupakan sebuah mesin penggerka utama bagi web application. Lihat saja bagaimana Gmail, Calender, Doc dan produk-produk inovatif lainnya bermunculan.
Web application tentu juga didukung oleh teknologi yang bisa diandalkan. Salah satu kendala dari web application adalah ketergantungannya pada koneksi internet, sehingga hal ini mengharuskan user untuk selalu terkoneksi dengan internet untuk bisa mengakses aplikasi. Namun syukurlah muncul teknologi yang bisa mengatasi hal tersebut, seperti Google Gears dan HTML5. Selain itu teknologi pemrograman pun semakin maju. Kita melihat sekarang ada AJAX, XML dan teknologi web service lainnya yang bisa meningkatkan nilai bagi user.
Google dengan chromenya yakin bahwa web application akan mendapatkan tempat yang popular di ranah industry IT. Dan kini sepertinya giliran Google meraih kejayaan era web application.