Thursday, May 6, 2010

Better Stories For Today

Today, it's two hot news. The First is huge of IE9 download. and the second is new Blogger interface. It's nice to see this change directly.
It's nice for Microsoft that IE9 had successfull by getting downloading more than 1 million of preview two since mid of March 2010. Of course this browser doesn't complete as full browser because it's just a preview. This browser supported standard technology HTML 5, CSS3, DOM, and SVG as well as better Javascript performance.
This blogger interface is new. I feel so amazing because my awareness flow slowly. I am not quickly aware of this change. I am aware that this blog is change when I want to insert a picture today. The interface of new image search is new and reflected Google philosophy of interface-Simple and blue layout. Oh yeah, yesterdat I registered to Blogger in draft.Yes this is till a draft. Okey, now it's my time for exploring this new draft.

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