Monday, June 28, 2010

From the labs: IT's future today | Hardware - InfoWorld

From the labs: IT's future today | Hardware - InfoWorld

Friday, June 25, 2010

What The Best Reading

There are several reference to be good reading resources. I am as a Java developer see these web as the reference and update:
1. IDG group. In the network web sites, you will find many web sites that is so rich and deep with content.,,,,,, and linux/

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Web Application

Everybody that get into IT for now, it's a requirement to understand web application technology. This is the standard tool, and so the IT proffesional can keep their foots in the same way as the technology advances. You see that this blog is a bit exciting. Of course I mean is in the design perspective. And the content is left for the editor. The IT professional just care on how about to deliver this technology so it can serve better performing and the better result for the user. So, please make sure you are leap ahead as the IT industry is.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Emerging Technology

What is the next emerging technology? Web 2.0 is not yet ending. Event in the corporate level, the just already seek the stable shape. The trend for now is Business collaboration. You see Cisco WebEx and Cisco Quad, Google Wave and event the already player like Microsoft Share Point. This business is of course will give promise on the more profit, than the primitive social networking like facebook or twitter because the audience is the professional that would like to pay if the service is good like to their productivity. Oh yeah, the business service is harder than the convensional one. With product you can make the added value easily, and customer can maka it easily, also the process for differentiating and positiioning is easier.
Collaboration is the next business and this is a promised business to make money in the future. If you are great, close the code, or in the other means, make your work make their own money.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Best Sample Code

Java is so widely accpeted language and it has wide library that will meet your need. And in the outer, there are much of framework that will make your writing code will be easier. In this site below, you will meet the best code sample and tutorial that will teach you the  practicall aplliction. It's not like the other that exaplain the basic concept and theory of OOP, but this one will teach you how to implement the library. The key source in the programming is the library. and when someone master them, he/she master the language.
Please visit this site: >> and look to tutorial >> java

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Power Of Power Point

It's so wonderful. Power Point, the product from Microsoft, is so great. And if you havent's till admit this fact, try to learn it more and compare it with the other product. The wonderfulness side of Power Point lies at it's easy of use. Easy of use is the main feature that I found. And so user will find for easiness of use. Just with use this software, you can make your tremendous slide. If you try to use like graphic designer, may be it's so difficult. And now with office, you can do much and sophisticated slide just with simple and easy of use. So, Hope good design for you.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Office is so powerful

The powerfulness behind Office from Microsoft is over underestimated. And since yesterday, I am so sure that the application has great feature. The feature is so wide - range from text editor to graphic images. If we are oriented to result, MS Office is look good choice because there is many available of template and built in design that built by Microsoft.
When you are sophisticated in MS Office, may be you are not need to learn other tool for your productivity orientation. The underestimated may be resulted from the widespread of Office availability in the consumer application. You see Office in school, your place to work, home and every computer you met. May be this is a not enough side from aggresive availability - because it make something that so great be a common in taste.
Microsoft Office is the best product availble today ultimately for productivity category.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Start From VBA

Almost sophisticated enterprise application needs a programming language to customize it, for example DB2, PL/SQL for Oracle database, TransactSQL for Microsoft SQL Server and ABAP for SAP ERP. And VBA is good start for that. VBA is based on the easy of use of Microsoft Visual Basic tool that a part of Microsoft Visual Studio. And it completely is truly easy bacause it's applicatble for Microsoft Office family of product.
And I have a good web tutorial for this one: Try to visit this - Exel VBA.
Okey, nice to try new language that I hope will also boost your career.