Monday, May 17, 2010

Java Framework

There are many java framework that available in this world. Java, as a  popular language in the world, it provides a framework that wide range that is free for use. It's a nice side for developer to get involved in Java framework. The framework that availble for web developments are: Hibernate, Spring, Strust, JSF and others development environment.
Java is wide use and wide of API and this is the advantage of use it. So when you master Java, you could write code that more advanced in the wide areas of development. When you master Java, you don't need  to learn others language to code in advanced. It's the advantage. Also Java is a prospected language for future.
If we see right now, we see that many opportunity in financial and business entities that use java as their tools in application. Java may be not low level llike C, but it's a nice  one for make an application that can run and used by application client that connected to server.
Some days ago, when I look for a job in Singapore, I see that there are many jobs available there for Java and .NET. The company that offer this is a financial institution.
Okey, enough for now. And enjoy your Java journey.

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