Friday, December 17, 2010

Java Collection - ArrayList

ArrayList is one of the most powerful java data structure. It lies on java.util package.
You can instantiate it:

>> ArrayList alNames = new ArrayList();

Then after that, you can add element to the object

>> alNames.add("luna maya");
>> alNames.add("lady gaga");

To access an element in ArrayList, you use the index:

>> alNames.get(0);

To remove an element from arrayList, you can one either of:
>> alNames.remove("luna maya");
>> alNames.remove(0);

To get to know, how many elements in alNames, you use
>> int count = alNames.size();

There is also one so powerful method that return alNames as an Array:
>> Object obj[] = alNames.toArray();

For intention to iterate through all elements of the ArrayList, use iterator instead of conventional looping:
>> Iterator ite = alNames.iterator();
>> while(ite.hasNext()){
>>    String s =      // Use Object as general
>>    System.out.println(s);
>> }


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