Sunday, December 19, 2010

Classes In Python

This is a description of Python class:

>> class Data:
>>    def __init__(self,fname,age):
>>         this.fname = fname
>>         this.age = age
>>    lname = "no defined last name"
>>    def setFName(self,fname):
>>        this.fname = fname
>>    def setAge(self, age):
>>        this.age = age
>>    def getFName(self):
>>        return this.fname
>>    def getAge(self):
>>        return this.age

To instantiate an object of class Data, use:
>> lady = Data("Lady",24);
>> print lady.getFName()
>> print lady.getAge()
>> print lady.lname

Always use bracket when instantiate an object of a class, although there's no argument in the constructor. For data, no use of "self". For method, always "self" as the first argument in function declaration to allow it accessed from outside.

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