Monday, June 21, 2010

Emerging Technology

What is the next emerging technology? Web 2.0 is not yet ending. Event in the corporate level, the just already seek the stable shape. The trend for now is Business collaboration. You see Cisco WebEx and Cisco Quad, Google Wave and event the already player like Microsoft Share Point. This business is of course will give promise on the more profit, than the primitive social networking like facebook or twitter because the audience is the professional that would like to pay if the service is good like to their productivity. Oh yeah, the business service is harder than the convensional one. With product you can make the added value easily, and customer can maka it easily, also the process for differentiating and positiioning is easier.
Collaboration is the next business and this is a promised business to make money in the future. If you are great, close the code, or in the other means, make your work make their own money.

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